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You train hard, you dedicate time, effort & energy to complete an Epic Route, regardless if it’s for fun or you’re competing, why not have your most memorable route or race turned into awesome artwork?

Atheletes That Are Epic

Vlad Ixel

Winner of over 40 ultramarathon races

Scott Neyedli

2 x Ironman Champion

Joanne Carritt

European Triathlon Champion

Disclosure: We do not sponsor these athletes, they are just friends we think they are Epic!


From 5k to 100m Ultras and everything in between, you achieved something EPIC, let your route take pride of place, you deserve to show it off!

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Your mates never believe you when you say you did that 160KM route, it’s time to prove it to them! Re-create your most memorable rides & hang it pride of place!

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Short course to Ironman, respect to anyone who takes part & what an achievement! Relive your best race, the pain, the suffering & the absolute elation of crossing that finish line!

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Hikers & Walkers

It’s all about getting out & about, If you’ve explored somewhere new & loved it, why not hang it on the wall for all to see!

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