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The Epic Story

A made a pact with myself that in my 40th year I'd complete an Ironman race.

Why? Mid-life crisis, discovering myself, getting away from the wife & kids (joking ... or am I). 

The answer is quite simply because it was a challenge, something to aim for, a goal.

New Years Eve 2017 the goal of a sub 13hr time was made.

Now a bit of back story here, I'd originally signed up for Ironman Wales, paid the hefty fee, roped a mate (Thomo) into racing with me and got myself a training plan. We subsequently switched to Barcelona, when Thomo called & uttered the words why (the f*ck) are we doing Wales, when we could be doing Barcelona. 

Enough said...

November the 6th 2017 was the day training started! 

November the 7th 2017 was the day I broke my foot on my 2nd training run! 

That's me out from Nov-May (the bugger just would not heal) hence the time of sub 13hrs was deemed more realistic than my sub 11 dreams. 

Prior to Ironman madness, I'd completed countless sprint & olympic distance races and a handful of 70.3 (half Ironman's). Obviously with any racing comes training and clocking up the miles in the pool, fells & cycling the Peak District hills where I call home. 

So training done, standing on a very wet & rainy beach in Calella it was time, time to put all those hours & miles to good use. 

The swim was great (not for some, there was a 5ft swell running), but being a lifelong surfer it didn't phase me. Hopping on the bike I went out too hard, but still managed a great time...

And to the run, well... shuffle, walk, crawl, due to the broken foot issue, lets just say my run was slow!

But what a feeling, crossing that finish line and having someone call "Mark Wallace... You Are An IRONMAN... still gives me goose bumps today! 

Exhilarated, emotional and thoroughly bolloxed! 

The next day after completing the most satisfying, yet gruelling day of my 40 year life I wanted something to remember the day by, not just the usual framed medal holder, or a cheap framed photo. 

So I got to thinking & researching ideas...

And to put cut a very long story a little shorter Epic Routes was born.  

Regardless of whether you are a Park runner, a 10k runner, marathon runner mountain biker, open water swimmer, road cyclist, triathlete, Ironman or Ultrarunner - whatever your sport & whatever your favourite route or race we'd love for you to display it with pride with an Epic Route Personalised product. 

Here's to clocking up the miles & enjoying every lung bursting second of it.



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